50 LED Round Bulb Color String Light

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  • Elegantly designed for interior and exterior lighting, this 50 bulb string of lights will dazzle with 5 distinct colors.
  • Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow form a colorful setting for any event. Perfect for backyard barbecues, pool parties, weddings or any social event.
  • The 50-foot string comes with 50 colorful bulbs that are approx. 4 inches apart with a 30-foot lead for multiple hanging and decorative options.
  • Low power consuming bulbs at 1.25 Watts and can be plugged in using the included outdoor IP 44 rated transformer.
  • Perfect for These lights are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, Christmas, holiday and other gatherings. These are ideal for adding a cozy atmosphere, or a charming and festive accent, to a casual evening. They are also great choice to decorate your patio, gardens, decks, backyards, umbrellas etc.